I started Snowtrail in London in 2001 (where I was longing for snow when I needed a company name) and relocated to Östra Lagnö, an island in the Stockholm archipelago in 2004. With over 20 years experience, my passion for graphic design, art direction and illustrations is stronger than ever. I offer clients a unique idiom in all my projects – with special attention to the needs of my customers.

I work with clients from all over the world and are always on the lookout for new exciting projects. Maybe you need art direction for a book? A design for a magazine? An illustration for a brochure or a pattern for a product? Or maybe you just have an idea that you would like to bounce off someone?

The archipelago and nature is where I find my inspiration – both for my daily work and for my own side project – Plurr. Plurr stands for modern design with a hint of the archipelago. The products are made in Sweden as environmentally-friendly as possible. Maybe you would like your own, unique collection of designs and goods?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch – or if you sail by – stop for a cup of tea!


+46 704 965028

Joffsviken 6
Östra Lagnö
184 95 Ljusterö

Member of:
Svenska Tecknare
Swedish Pattern Society